A holiday letter from Exynos – Samsung Global Newsroom

A holiday letter from Exynos - Samsung Global Newsroom

The holiday season is finally here, and Exynos has something special to help get fans into the holiday spirit. After the success of last year’s “Exynos: Thank You” animated video, Samsung Electronics released a second animation to thank fans for supporting Exynos. The animation, titled “Together with You,” is a story that delivers a warm message of hope to all those battling a pandemic that has lasted longer than expected. Before going into more details, please watch the heartwarming film below.

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Chang Wan Kim, project manager at Samsung Electronics, said his inspiration for making the film could be summed up in one word: “Together”.

“We wanted to create a short film that expresses our gratitude to the fans who have always supported us and stayed ‘together’ during the pandemic,” Chang Wan Kim said.

Inspired by the power of this word, Dong Chul Kim, the film’s director, decided to tell a story that captures the spirit of how we are all going through the same pandemic and facing the same challenges. He also felt the power of the Exynos team’s message of consolation and gratitude, and saw how it could bring people together and remind them that they are not alone, even when they are apart.

The result is a heartbreakingly beautiful story that symbolizes our resolve to overcome this pandemic together, with characters specially created to symbolize the challenges we all face.

“The main character in the battle scene with our two heroes represents the coronavirus,” Dong Chul Kim said. “I wanted to visualize how we are going through the pandemic “together”. This was achieved by creating a story in which the two worlds mirrored each other, so that if the priest revived the warrior in the game world, our player would then go and help someone else in the real world.

But the production process was anything but smooth. COVID-19 brought unforeseen difficulties, forcing the team to complete production on the film from home. And to make matters worse, some members of the production team actually contracted COVID-19 during the production process.

“I realized while working on this film how much I miss the times when we meet, share ideas and act out scenes together,” said the film’s producer, So Young Park.

Despite the setbacks, the team didn’t give up on creating a story and cast of characters that would comfort and inspire people.

“We wanted to give the impression that maybe the priest who disappeared from the game could actually be the doctor the boy meets in real life,” said Seo Ki Lee, the film’s art director. “So we tried to capture the delicate feeling of compassion and the desire to support each other that two people feel towards each other. We think that younger generations are likely to feel a sense of deprivation when living in this pandemic, but we hope they will get through this difficult time and still grow into wonderful adults.

The film ends with a hopeful prediction for the future. As the story ends, the pandemic is over, people return to their daily lives, and we see new possibilities emerge when the main character receives a smartphone as a gift. But the real gift portrayed by the story is that everyone is reunited with their loved ones and back to normal life.

“This might be the gift that everyone really wants this holiday season,” Dong Chul Kim said.

Although this brief story ends on a note of hope for the future, some viewers may wonder why Samsung chose to base the story on games. Game fans, meanwhile, have probably already figured out the hidden meaning behind the movie’s ending.

“We are always working hard to wow our gaming fans,” said Chang Wan Kim. “So, we started by designing our main character as a gamer. Through this character of a young gamer, we tried to reflect the current gaming trend of the transition from console to mobile.

And the Exynos team revealed that they are preparing another small gift for fans who love games. Early next year, fans can expect to unbox another small but mighty goodie from Exynos.