Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud Computer in Singapore

Alibaba Cloud Launches Cloud Computer in Singapore

Alibaba Cloud today launched its cloud computer in Singapore, including the handheld Wuying Cloud Computer and Elastic Desktop Service (EDS).

The company said its cloud computing brings desktop as a service (DaaS) to businesses for faster IT deployment, increased device flexibility and stronger security. It also offers reduced downtime for technical support since configuration, maintenance, connectivity and storage issues are all handled by Alibaba Cloud.

He added that cloud computing is especially useful for supporting companies that have a remote workforce that needs access to heavy computer-aided productivity applications, like computer-aided design software.

Businesses in a variety of industries, such as medical research and AI, video production and rendering, or engineering and financial modeling, can utilize the secure, elastic, scalable, and highly available nature of public cloud computing.

Alibaba Cloud added that the cloud computer can safely support geographically dispersed employees, using the pandemic as an example. He said the computer can allow them to access corporate networks from any device while minimizing the risk of sensitive intelligence breaches because everything is stored and managed in the cloud through a secure network. .

The device connected to the cloud computer can be disconnected remotely from the server immediately if lost or stolen, reducing the risks associated with local storage, the company pointed out. He also pointed out that employees in the field do not need to perform tasks that require significant computing power with physical trips to the office, which saves them time and reduces their risk of contracting COVID-19. .

“Our cloud computing offers businesses an innovative way to solve business issues that arise when digitizing, including those associated with increased IT expenses, the need to centrally manage desktop clusters, and the means to leverage the public cloud securely while taking advantage of all the economies of scale it can bring,” said Derek Wang, Singapore General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence.

“We’ve seen customers use our cloud computing and reduce their IT hardware spend by almost 50%, resulting in a significant increase in their productivity levels. That’s why we want to bring [our] cloud computing in Singapore as a first stop overseas, and to build a strong digital workspace locally to help the country stay competitive. »

Alibaba Cloud’s introduction to the region comes after Microsoft was chosen to build Singapore’s first sovereign cloud last month. National agency Home Team Science and Technology has picked the tech giant to accelerate its digital transformation, and said the cloud will play a key role in helping national services, like the police, deliver improved safety and security to all citizens.

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