All the Apple tablets announced and expected this year

All the Apple tablets announced and expected this year

Apple is renowned for releasing some of the best tablets with its iPad line. Here are all the new iPads announced and expected in 2022.

There’s a huge range of iPads on the market right now, all vying for your attention and all deserving of it for different reasons.

Whether you want a premium or lightweight tablet, there’s one for you – and probably more on the way. Here is the complete list of iPads that have already been announced in 2022, or that would be on the way.

iPad Air 5

ipad air

One of the key products announced at Apple’s Peek Performance event in March 2022 was the new iPad Air 5.

The biggest update found was performance-focused, as this tablet now packs the powerful Apple M1 chip. It’s the same chipset you’ll find in the more expensive iPad Pro range and in several Mac machines like the 24-inch iMac.

There’s now a 5G option available alongside the Wi-Fi-only version, and the other key upgrade is the adoption of Center Stage for the front camera, which should keep you and your call mates in frame when using FaceTime.

However, if you were hoping for a screen upgrade in 2022, you will be sadly disappointed. This updated model has the same 10.9-inch LCD screen as the iPad Air 4, and you’ll have to wait until at least the next generation if you want to see one with an OLED display.

See below for the announced prices and specifications of the new iPad Air:


US Recommended Retail Price

EU recommended retail price


Recommended retail price in AUD


Screen size

Storage capacity

Rear camera

Front camera

Video recording

IP Rating

Wireless charging

Size (Dimensions)


Operating system

Release date






It’s the only iPad Apple has released in 2022 so far, but read on to find out what other models we expect to see and any rumored upgrades they might offer.

iPad Pro 2021 showing the home screen
12.9-inch iPad Pro (2021)

iPad Pro

A new version of the iPad Pro may not have been announced yet, but it’s expected to debut in 2022 (the exact launch window is unclear at this point).

While the new iPad Air has been treated to the Apple M1 chip, it’s believed that this premium tablet could be one of the first devices to run on the next-gen M2 chip, which has yet to be released or even announced. but is expected to once again pack a series of performance upgrades that will put this tablet a league above the competition.

On top of that, more questions are display-centric. Last year saw a big change as the larger 12.9-inch model of the iPad Pro got a mini-LED display. This year we’re wondering if the 11-inch version will be upgraded to match its larger siblings, or if the whole range will get OLED panels instead.

industry analyst Ross Young indicated that the screens will remain unchanged, as the 12.9-inch “does very well” so the manufacturer “does not need to make an 11-inch”, at least for this year.

Another leak has suggested that the next iPad Pro may feature wireless charging and be redesigned.

iPad 9 landscape


There’s also a chance we could see a new entry in the mainline iPad series for 2022. The details we’ve come across so far seem to involve fairly minimal changes from the iPad 9, the tenth generation. again retaining the same design, but we can apparently expect to see 5G connectivity, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 6 and an upgraded A14 processor according to Twitter tipster @dylandkt (reported by Gizmo China).

ipad mini 6 front with case

ipad mini

Given that an iPad Mini was released last year, it’s unlikely (but not impossible) that we’ll see another in 2022. This product typically has a life cycle of over a year, so it could be 2023 until we see the seventh, latest-generation iPad Mini.

That’s all we know so far, but be sure to keep checking this page for all the latest iPad news, rumors and announcements as they arrive.