Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak ‘senses’ Bitcoin will be worth $100,000


Despite its roller coaster ride in the market, there are still people who stay true to their faith in Bitcoin. One of them is a stalwart of tech giant, Apple Inc.

Steve Wozniak – the co-founder of Apple – said he expects the world’s leading cryptocurrency to hit $100,000 in the near future.

Wozniak discussed cryptocurrency in a recent interview on the Wild Ride with Steve-O podcast.

“I bought a large amount of bitcoins initially to demonstrate how to use this new technology. How do I make an online purchase? I conquered that. How do you buy items in foreign countries and how would you pay for a donut ?”

Additionally, the computer programmer and philanthropist thought about how individuals locate ATMs that accept bitcoin. “I want to experience it all and absorb it all,” he said.

The belief of the co-founder of Apple

According to Wozniak, Bitcoin is the “most incredible mathematical marvel”.

In July last year, during a speech at Talent Land Jalisco, he told his virtual audience that Bitcoin was superior to gold due to its verified digital scarcity.

While admitting that he was unable to mathematically quantify his prediction, Wozniak noted that the effective interest in cryptocurrency made the price approachable.

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“I believe that Bitcoin will eventually reach $100,000… I am unable to quantify this mathematically; I just feel it as a result of all the interest. Interest in cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is currently trading below the $40,000 threshold at $39,084.76 according to CoinMarketCap price watch.

BTC is currently trading at a 24-hour volume of $14,260,302,441 and is up 0.13% in the past 24 hours.

BTC total market cap at $740.78 billion on the daily chart | Source:

Other Bigwigs See Bitcoin Hit $100,000

Even in times of war, the intrigue and mystique surrounding Bitcoin continues to dominate the headlines.

One of the biggest supporters of crypto is Bitbull CEO Joe DiPasquale.

Despite a decline in the price of Bitcoin since November, DiPasquale believes the digital asset is still on track to hit the much-vaunted milestone of $100,000 per coin.

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And then there’s Standard Chartered. In September 2021, a report from the British bank’s Cryptocurrency Research Team predicted that Bitcoin would soon break above the $100,000 mark. Bitcoin was trading at $50,000 that month.

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, also has higher expectations for Bitcoin’s price over the long term.

Similarly, SkyBridge Capital CEO Anthony Scaramucci, another crypto enthusiast, argues that the pioneering cryptocurrency will one day be worth $500,000 per unit.

The Positive Outlook for Bitcoin Remains

Meanwhile, Wozniak confirmed that he made Bitcoin purchases through a Coinbase account.

Also known as “Woz,” the seasoned engineer previously reported that he sold all the Bitcoins he bought at the start of the market for experimental purposes.

While fears persist that the Bitcoin market will continue to plunge in the short to medium term due to various macroeconomic forces, the positive outlook for the cryptocurrency’s long-term potential persists.

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