Apple could have a wage war on its hands

Apple could have a wage war on its hands

Apple (AAPL) – Get the Apple Inc. report. is accustomed to laurels.

His sense of innovation is most often praised. And when we’re not bragging about the new features of the new iPhone, we’re excited about the breakthrough Apple Watch.

And often when there’s a crack in that armor at nearly $2.73 trillion in market capitalization, it doesn’t last long. We saw him again recently with the negative headlines about his new safety guide, specifically AirTags.

Although Apple’s tracking product was designed to help find frequently lost items, many reported that it was planted in coats and purses to track down women as well as cars that would later end up being stolen. The cheap price ($29.99 for one and $99 for a four-pack) also makes it an easy thing for those with bad intentions to buy and then get rid of.