Apple Insider Confirms New Shock of iPhone 14 Pro Release

Apple Insider Confirms New Shock of iPhone 14 Pro Release

03/12 Update below. This article was originally published on March 10

iPhone 14 leaks have already revealed dramatic design changes are coming to the Pro models this year, and we now know they’ll impact all new iPhone releases for years to come as well.

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in a new blog post, display industry expert Ross Young, CEO of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), revealed that within 18 months, every iPhone will be very different. According to Young, who has a faultless track recordApple’s plans to replace the notch in iPhone 14 Pro models with a new, divisive i-shaped cutout this year will expand to all iPhone models in 2023.

Update 12/3: New information has now revealed Apple’s intentions for the design of standard iPhone 14 models. While the Pro models will move on to the controversial i-shaped cutout detailed below, I had missed a new blog post from popular industry insider eyes1122, who reveals that buyers of the iPhone 14 and the new iPhone 14 Max (which replaces the iPhone 13 Mini) will have a very familiar experience.

The anonymous tipster, who has a solid track record, says recent claims that Apple will reduce bezels on standard models are incorrect and that the phones will be identical to the current iPhone 13. Given that they will also retain the notch for a successive fifth generation, the appeal of these phones will depend entirely on a) what Apple upgrades internally, b) as a means of escaping the so-called “ i-sore” of new display cutouts on iPhone 14 Pro models.

The news also makes sense given the steps Apple has taken to widen the gap between its standard and Pro devices. Over the past few years, non-Pro MacBooks and iPads have kept older designs even when they got the latest hardware (like the M1 chip in MacBooks and, earlier this week, the new iPad Air). In these categories, Apple has widened the price gap between Pro and non-Pro devices, and with rumors of iPhone price hikes, it will be interesting to see if that happens with the iPone 14 line as well.

“It will be another instantly recognizable form of display for Apple,” says Young. “The pill + hole design is almost as wide as the notch but will definitely save a few pixels above the holes. In 2023 we believe all four models will have the pill + hole design.

Yes, there’s no escaping Apple’s polarizing design decision, which both manages to follow the trend set by Android handsets for several years while looking worse. The good news is that Young says Apple will try to reduce the size of the new cutouts in the 2023 models while working on more low-profile options.

“Apple intends to replace Face ID with Face ID under the bezel, placing all elements under the display without a visible pill-shaped hole,” he explained. “However, we have heard from a few sources that under the Face ID panel will likely not meet the 2023 mass production schedule.”

Reaction to Apple’s new i-shaped cutout has been mixed. He was initially met with a combination of skepticism and disbelief, but with multiple sources now confirming the new iPhone 14 Pro design, the reaction seems to be softening. That said, there’s no denying that after four generations of Notch, few expected it to be his replacement. Especially considering its large size.

Price increases are also coming. That said, Apple’s next-generation iPhones will undoubtedly be faster and have better cameras than ever before. A drastic SIM-removal plan, coupled with a more efficient 5G modem, should also boost battery life.

So while iPhone fans may not like the look of Apple’s upcoming models, I suspect they’ll still buy them in droves.

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