Apple laptops and cellphones score low in new repairability index

MASSPIRG State Director Janet Domenitz, left, holds a sign showing the repairability ratings of major cellphone and laptop manufacturers, while USPIRG's Right to Repair Campaign Director , Kevin O'Reilly, speaks outside an Apple store in Boston's Back Bay.

BOSTON — One of the biggest sellers of smartphones and laptops ranks at the bottom of a new dashboard analyzing the repairability of their products and whether the company supports digital right-to-repair policies.

The scorecard, published by the US Public Interest Research Group, ranks the best laptop and cellphone manufacturers based on their average repair scores and their support for laws such as Massachusetts legislation that would require digital electronics manufacturers to make repair tools and information available to product owners and freelancers. repair shops.

The scorecard gives Apple a score of 3.16 out of 10 for the repairability of its laptops and 2.75 out of 10 for the repairability of its cellphones. Salem Techsperts owner Andy Harding said locking down information and parts for Apple iPhones often prevents him from saving his customers “a lot of money”.

He pointed to a component called a flexible earpiece that helps run the iPhone 10’s Face ID feature. If it’s damaged by water, the device won’t turn on, he said.