Apple today updated its Apple Support app for iPhone and iPad, introducing a new feature that provides price estimates for common repairs in select locations.

When using the Support app after installing the update, you can tap a device you own in the “My Devices” list, then choose “Repairs and physical damage” to see a list of options.

Tapping on a common repair like a cracked screen, cracked back, or battery service will provide an estimate of the cost of the repair as well as options to book a repair. There are no cost estimates for more complicated repairs like liquid damage or the camera not performing as expected.

In the “My Devices” section, Apple has also added a new text input box when you tap on a device. The box lets you tell Apple what’s going on with your device in your own words, making it easier to find the support option you need.

The Apple Support app has always had a similar option after by selecting a specific repair option, but now you can type in what you’re looking for in advance for a smoother experience. Apple’s full release notes for the update are below:

– Tell us what’s going on in your own words to get relevant support options
– See price estimates for common repair topics in select locations
– The app is now available and translated for users in Ukraine
– Performance improvements and bug fixes

The Apple Support app can be downloaded for free from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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