Discover the Galaxy: New Samsung Experience Store Opens in Frisco, TX

Samsung Experience Store Opens in Frisco, TX

By Allister Jones, SVP Head of Retail Operations and DTC of Samsung Electronics America

It’s no surprise: shopping has changed a lot in the last two years.

Consumers have become more comfortable than ever with shopping online and doing a lot more research when it comes to buying products. In fact, we shouldn’t be surprised that 81% of retail shoppers today research online before buying. But when it comes to our most widely used and personal technology – mobile devices like our smartphones – shoppers are always looking for the ultimate hands-on experience to help them make their most important decision.

That’s why I’m so excited about our fifth Samsung Experience Store, opening on February 18and at the Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, TX.

Today’s consumers expect choice, expert support and engaging hands-on experiences throughout their retail journey – and that’s exactly what we’re delivering with our latest Samsung Experience Store at Frisco.

A Samsung experience, every time

Since the opening of our first locations in 2019, Samsung Experience Stores were focused on experience, exploration and service – meeting the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers. Shoppers can choose exactly how they want to shop at every stage: from learning about our latest technologies, to experiencing the Galaxy ecosystem, to in-store support on current devices. As an extension of our online store, much of our in-store experience helps consumers see the Galaxy in action. We know that many consumers are already familiar with Samsung. In fact, over 71% of all US households own at least one Samsung product. In our stores, we bring Samsung’s innovative products together in one place, so consumers can learn and experience first-hand how their favorite Galaxy devices work together seamlessly.

Samsung Experience Store opens in Frisco, TX

This includes a suite of our most innovative products available in-store, such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, headphones and PCs, including the full selection of our exclusive models and color options that consumers cannot afford. find that in the Samsung Experience Stores. And all of our latest mobile devices, like the recently announced Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Tab S8 series, will be available in stores as soon as they launch, so consumers don’t have to wait to experience our latest technologies.

Built for Frisco

There’s a good reason we chose Frisco as the next location for our latest Samsung Experience Store.

Although Samsung is a global brand, we have strong ties to Texas. In fact, this year marks the 25and anniversary of Samsung’s work and investment in the state, from our state-of-the-art semiconductor plant in Austin to our Mobile eXperience US headquarters in Plano. Frisco is the perfect place to bring hands-on experiences with the Galaxy into consumers’ backyards.

We spent months carefully researching the right location for our latest Samsung Experience Store – and we’re thrilled to have found it in the center of Stonebriar Mall, one of the best malls in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We have integrated our philosophy of openness and transparency into the design of our store. The Frisco store is designed to be open, with a large display window so consumers can see exactly what’s inside and even peer through a window while their own appliances receive expert care. Watching this process is part of our client-centered care experience at this location. From troubleshooting to appliance repair, our certified technicians are trained to maintain appliances to the highest quality standards. And we’re happy to offer same-day repairs — like screen and battery replacement — on most Galaxy devices at our latest location.

I am thrilled to welcome consumers from across North Texas to our new Samsung Experience Store. Whether they’re exploring devices they’ve seen online or learning about new products from Samsung experts, the Frisco store is designed to meet their needs and bring them the best of the galaxy.