Emails in your computer’s spam folder may not be a problem

Eyal Goldshmid

Q: I have a very large amount of spam that lands in my junk folder every day, sometimes up to 50-70 messages, and once over 100. For a while I tried to block them, but it didn’t seem to do anything, and it looks like Microsoft has no control over this as there seems to be no way to contact them directly to complain. How can I control this?

— Margery B., Longboat Key


A: Although it seems a little counter-intuitive, seeing a large number of messages arriving in your spam folder every day does not necessarily indicate a problem.

The junk mail folder itself (i.e. the spam folder) is where unwanted emails go that pass through your ISP server’s first level of spam defense. So if the spam ends up there, or if you tag messages as spam (i.e. block them) and they end up there instead of your inbox, that means your spam filters spam work properly and route the spam you receive to the right place.