eMeet C970 webcam review: An affordable addition to any computer

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Although laptops often come with a built-in camera, they’re usually not of the highest quality. This is where external webcams, like the eMeet C970 webcam, work well to replace inferior cameras or add a fast camera to your desktop monitor. I recently had the pleasure of testing the eMeet C970 webcam to see its performance.

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Features overview

There are two features that set a webcam apart from the competition: video quality and ease of use. the eMeet C970 Webcam is designed to meet both of these needs.

Plug-and-play installation gets you up and running in seconds. Although you can download eMeetLink software to manage settings and update firmware, it’s not a necessity to get started.

The 1080p HD webcam has 60 fps. You can also lower the resolution down to 480, depending on your needs. You’ll need the software to make these adjustments, though it’s free and compatible with Windows and macOS.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review App

Auto Light Correction automatically corrects the lighting in the frame to prevent anything from being too dark or too bright. Plus, it adjusts to low-light levels so you can still be seen without distortion.

You can use the webcam by clipping it to a laptop or monitor, laying it flat on a desk, or attaching it to a tripod (not included). It is also compatible with most video conferencing software, gaming platforms and browsers.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review

Although it doesn’t have a privacy cover, it automatically shuts off when tilted at a particular angle. This allows you to turn off the mic and camera quickly and easily.

When it comes to making calls, the dual noise canceling microphones ensure that the person you’re talking to hears you in relation to everything around you. This leads to better overall call quality.

In the box

Emeet C970 webcam review in the box

The eMeet C970 webcam requires nothing more than the webcam itself and the USB cable connected to it. Although tripods are supported, none are included. Apart from the webcam, there is also a simple manual that indicates the eMeet Link software. To be honest, I was just impressed that the packaging itself was so compact.

To start

I started by clipping the eMeet C970 webcam to the top of my laptop screen. The rubberized grip prevents it from slipping and holds it surprisingly well in place, even when you tilt the webcam. I always recommend holding the base/clip when adjusting just to make sure the webcam doesn’t suddenly fall off.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review Clip

Without installing anything, I connected the USB cable to an available port, and within seconds the camera was ready to go. I immediately tested it using Windows 11’s camera app just to make sure it was recognized. I had to change the camera I wanted to use because the built-in webcam was the default camera.

All in all, I was ready to use the webcam in minutes at most. As a quick note, the USB cable is long enough to easily transition from a desktop monitor to an under-desk tower.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review Cable

I decided to check the suggested software as well. I highly recommend downloading it just to keep up with firmware updates. Also, if you want to adjust brightness, frame rate, resolution, and even try other filters (such as black and white), this is a handy app to have.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review App Settings

Using the eMeet C970 webcam

Showing the webcam in my Windows camera app and the eMeet Link app gave me an idea of ​​how the video itself would look, but didn’t help me test the mics or see what others thought of the video quality.

I tested the webcam on Zoom, Skype and Google Duo. These are the apps that I use most often myself. One thing I noticed immediately was that the video quality was far superior to my built-in webcam. The eMeet C970 webcam eliminated the grainy video I usually deal with. Also, the video was much smoother overall.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review Compare
Laptop camera on the left / eMeet webcam on the right

My favorite feature, however, is the dual noise canceling mics. I like to walk around when I’m talking, especially in a longer meeting. Typically that also means the mic picking up my steps, my TV playing in the background, the cats picking that exact moment to run around making noise, and everything around me.

eMeet’s mics muffled most sounds around me. Apart from a running chat on my keyboard, I had a pleasant and calm conversation. Even the sound of my footsteps disappeared, but my voice could be heard clearly. There was no feedback and only a split second delay.

I discovered a slight problem with the automatic light correction. If you’re sitting in very bright light, the video tends to adjust between clear and warmer, creating a flickering effect. When I stopped, the setting stopped. It also helped when I sat farther away from the light itself. If you can’t avoid sitting directly under ultra-bright or fluorescent light, lowering the resolution to 720 eliminated my problem.

However, when I only had my laptop screen light on, the webcam still worked amazingly and picked up my face with no problem. Honestly, it looked almost the same as when the lights were on, but just a bit darker overall.

During my review, people I video chatted with noticed a significant difference in how the video looked and in my voice clarity. The final test involved the electronic privacy feature.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review

Although I personally prefer a physical privacy screen, I know it can be annoying and the screen can break over time. eMeet has opted for an electronic privacy option instead. While the instructions say tilting the webcam 10 degrees back is enough to turn off the mic and camera, I had to tilt mine 45 degrees before anything turned off.

Emeet C970 Webcam Review Privacy Off

The active light stayed on and the eMeet Link software showed that the mic and camera were active until I tilted it 45 degrees.

Final Thoughts

Emeet C970 Webcam Final Review

The eMeet C970 webcam offers everything you could want in an everyday use webcam for video chatting/conferencing, playing online games or even webcasting. The only issues I encountered were flickering from auto light correction and having to tilt the webcam more to turn it off.

Overall, I was very happy with the video quality and performance of the mic. The microphones alone make it a reliable and professional webcam for video conferencing.

Plus, it’s an affordable addition to any computer at just $49.99. You can try the eMeet C970 webcam yourself for an additional 30% off if you clip the Amazon coupon, making it just $34.99.

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