If your computer is a gaming rig, you need to protect it and here’s how to do it right

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Playing games can be fun and entertaining, especially if it is an online game where, in addition to playing, you have the chance to meet other passionate players and make this experience even more interesting.

But often people forget that it can also be very dangerous for them, especially if they are not equipped with the right protection. Keep in mind that if you’re not careful enough, a lot of different personal information can be pulled from your account.

Of course, this highly depends on the type of game you are playing. So, are there ways to protect yourself? Of course there are and if you want to know which ones are the best, keep reading and you will know everything.

Smart ways to protect yourself and your computer while playing online games

Do not reveal your personal information

The game world is loaded with different types of people. Some are normal, have no bad intentions and are just there to play their favorite games. And then there are those who all act friendly and nice but are actually quite the opposite.

Generally speaking, you cannot trust anyone in this virtual world unless you are already friends in real life. And that’s precisely why you should never use your real name on the account you use when playing.

In addition to this, your nickname should never consist of your date of birth, name, surname, location or anything else that can be defined as personal data. Otherwise, you risk running into someone who is actually a hacker who will use this information to break into your computer, and even steal your identity, which is one of the worst things that can happen.

Use unique and hard-to-understand passwords

One of the best ways to make sure you’re protected is to focus on creating a strong, unique password. This rule should be applied to virtually every website and platform you use. Those who want to be very careful usually update their passwords frequently, like monthly.

While this may be too much for you, it’s actually a great idea. Now, how can you create the best password, which can be difficult to discover? Many computer gurus suggest using a combination of lowercase and uppercase letters.

Besides that, you also need to add symbols and numbers to make it super omnipotent. On the other hand, if you can think of a long passphrase, that would also be a great idea. The goal is to do something very complex.

Don’t Forget First-Class Antivirus Software

Generally speaking, the entire virtual world is filled with viruses, unfortunately. Sometimes it seems like they lurk around every corner, waiting to attack someone (in this case, your computer).

So, to avoid this, you should definitely opt for top-notch antivirus software. If you don’t know which one is currently the best, ask Google to show you recommended antivirus programs and download one. So what are the main benefits of antivirus software?

Well, as its name suggests, it was designed to protect your computer against any virus. Namely, it first detects the virus and then focuses on eliminating it from your system. Another great thing about it is the fact that it not only gets rid of the virus but also prevents any others from entering your computer in the future. Therefore, you should definitely consider this a must!

Anything else worth doing?

Be careful when downloading

It is well known that downloading things online is definitely far from safe as they are usually filled with malware, virus and many other malicious things. Nowadays, a majority of gamers are turning to Kubernetes or k8.

What is Kubernetes? They can be defined as open source software that allows applications to manage and scale their containerized cloud-native applications. Many will tell you that this software has completely revolutionized the world of gaming.

But does that mean there are no risks? Unfortunately, the answer is no. One of the biggest threats in this regard is the installation of malware, which means you have to be extremely careful when downloading anything.

The best way to protect yourself (although there are no guarantees) is to download things from trusted sources, such as the App Store. If you choose another source, you increase your chances of contracting a virus, which means you open the doors to hackers.

Stay up to date

This refers to your entire system, browser, all important applications you use, etc. So, whenever you can, be sure to opt for automatic updating. Why is it so beneficial? Namely, precisely these updates can eliminate all software flaws that allow hackers to steal personal information and generally monitor everything you do.

As you probably already know, Microsoft is the one that offers the Windows Update service. So what does it do? It will download and then install software updates on your operating system, Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and additionally provide you with security updates.

Additionally, patches can also be run automatically for other systems, such as the Macintosh operating system. Now, even though it’s not a topic, it doesn’t hurt to mention it, if you have a smartphone and you also want to protect it, make sure you install iPhone or Android updates.

Original games are always the best option

Even though pirated games are more tempting because they are free, keep in mind that they also come with some risk. Also, if you decide to install a pirated copy, you won’t be able to update it, and then at some point patch the latest version of the game.

What happens then? Well, if you don’t get an original one, you won’t get any support regarding upcoming updates that can significantly improve your gaming experience.

Also, as it was mentioned earlier, downloading a pirated game comes with certain risks, and one of them is that a virus is going to be activated as soon as you install the game. This can potentially destroy your system and your data.

Another thing that is meant to be mentioned is the fact that having an original copy can help you avoid any legal issues that usually plague gamers who decide to download pirated versions.

What about anti-spyware?

Definitely, something that needs to be mentioned, as it is unfortunately found frequently in many computers. So what is it really? This is software that can be installed without your knowledge that monitors everything you do (regarding online activities) and collects personal information whenever you are online.

These days, you can come across spyware, known as keyloggers, which literally record everything you type, such as your financial information, passwords, and more. How can you tell if you have spyware on your computer?

Well, for example, if you are suddenly bombarded with lots of advertisements, or you are redirected to different websites, and your computer has become slower, then you are most likely dealing with spyware.

So how can you eliminate it? Well, there is antivirus software that includes spyware protection. If this is the case with the antivirus software you currently have, or plan to have, you can always follow the instructions carefully to see what they say in terms of enabling spyware protection features. .

On the other hand, if the antivirus you are using does not offer this form of protection, you can simply purchase separate antispyware software and update it regularly. Is there a way to avoid these things?

There are. As it was mentioned earlier in another paragraph, download programs only from trusted websites that have good reviews, as this is the only way to ensure that what you are installing is safe.


A firewall can be defined as a piece of hardware or a software tool that prevents hackers from entering your computer and using your data. How do hackers work? Namely, these people are browsing the Internet, just like telemarketers call someone at random.

Plus, they ping many computers (we’re talking thousands and thousands) and wait for their replies. But that’s why a firewall is there to prevent your computer from reacting to these calls.

Also, a firewall prohibits any communication to and from a source that you don’t authorize, and this is something of utmost importance, especially if you are using a high-speed internet connection like cable or DSL. .

Now, some operating systems already come with a firewall that is not enabled. If so, be sure to enable the firewall. If you want it to do its job properly, make sure to update it regularly.

The sad truth is that no one is safe on the internet. No matter you play games, listen to music, watch movies, you are always exposed to hackers and viruses. Therefore, we have created these tips to help you avoid them as much as possible.