Jamf Announces Same-Day Support for Apple’s Spring OS Updates

Jamf Announces Same-Day Support for Apple's Spring OS Updates


MINNEAPOLIS, March 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jamf (NASDAQ: JAMF), the benchmark for Apple business management, today announced that it is ready to support iOS 15.4, iPadOS 15.4, tvOS 15.4 and Apple’s macOS 12.3, which became available this week. Jamf continues to offer same-day support, allowing customers to upgrade to the latest operating system the day it becomes available. Through extensive testing in Apple’s beta releases, Jamf ensures compatibility with all Apple Spring releases in its solution portfolio.

Jamf is dedicated to helping organizations succeed with Apple and to achieve this mission, it is essential to support Apple’s releases as they become available. This ensures that customers can immediately access new operating system features and that IT can keep end users safe.

  • Protection against security breaches – Older versions of software have greater potential for security vulnerabilities and users are better off upgrading to the latest operating systems to protect against data breaches and system vulnerabilities.

  • Minimize downtime – Customers without reliable same-day support are unable to take advantage of available operating system upgrades, which can disrupt existing workflows, resulting in downtime for users final.

  • Integrations remain intact – Organizations that use Apple services like Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager need vendors that support these Apple services to ensure that existing workflows work as expected.

  • Keep end users productive – Apple operating systems introduce new features that improve the efficiency and productivity of organizations. Same-day support enables customers to access these features and expedite their use.

  • Keeping end users happy – The ease of upgrading to new operating systems, combined with exciting new features, motivates many customers to upgrade to new software the day it goes live. In turn, users expect to be able to update their devices successfully the day a new operating system becomes available. By accelerating and supporting new workflows and key features from Apple, Jamf ensures that customer expectations are met.

  • Extending the Value of Apple Technology – Compatibility is key to preparing for Apple upgrades, providing same-day support that’s both compatible and secure from day one helps customers get the most out of their Apple technology.

Applications that are not running on the latest update can also pose a security threat to organizations. At JNUC 2021, Jamf announced the upcoming release of Application Installers, a new, simplified way to deploy applications and keep them automatically up to date. This new workflow simplifies the IT process to ensure that all applications run on the latest update without impacting end-user productivity. App installers will be available to customers soon.

“Older versions of software have a greater potential for security vulnerabilities and with the increase in security threats, same day support has never been more important. We are proud to offer another year of support the same day for the latest operating systems from Apple, as we have done since 2002,” said Nick Amundsen, senior vice president of strategy at Jamf. ‘Apple today and feel confident that their data is protected and secure.”

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