Maruei Futon Launches Hitoiki Folded Wrist Guard for Computer Typists

Folded Wrist Pad Rest (Black)

A renowned Japanese company, Maruei Futon has launched a new range of products designed to help the user when using his computer.

This decision is in line with the company’s marketing objectives for 2022, focused on increasing its customer base and opening up to the global market.

The company will export the hitoiki folded wrist guard for the US market through its listing on Amazon.

It is designed with a soft and durable material that provides armrest while typing on their computers.

The product was made based on research that indicated that computer users had difficulty typing for long hours because their arms weren’t resting.

It comes in four different patterns and colors; Red, blue, yellow and black.

Photo: Folded wrist rest (black)

The wrist support set is made of soft and thick cotton and thousands of Soba kara buckwheat wraps; the skin can breathe and get a touch of freshness on a fabric wrist rest; gentle massage of running beads can release wrist pressure and stimulate blood circulation in the wrist, relieve wrist pain and reduce fatigue. But not for people with Soba allergies.

The wrist rest is rigid but flexible, allowing it to be kneaded casually, relieving work stress, easy to carry anywhere even on a business trip, resting your wrist at any time.

Folded Wrist Rest (Yellow)

Photo: Folded Wrist Rest (Yellow)

It comes in different unique patterns and colors, providing a more relaxed and orderly view, less cluttered and more peaceful. It can be customized to perfectly match the office or bedroom, unique craft decoration for your office.

Folded wrist rest (blue)

Photo: Folded wrist rest (blue)

The design allows for flexibility and the addition of various dry loads as desired, adjusting the height of the bag to best fit the keyboard and mouse pad, excellent fabric fit and stitching to the hand seem more warm and delicate.

The wrist support is a must-have for computer users as it provides comfortable and firm support to the wrist and avoids friction between the wrist and the hard desk.

Using the folded wrist rest (blue)

It helps effectively relieve wrist pain and fatigue caused by long hours of repetitive motion and improves carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

It is formed into a wrist-like groove design perfect for mouse wrist rest, fits snugly on the wrist and keeps the wrist in a neutral position for ergonomic comfort.

The interior is filled with memory foam; soft and slow rebound without deformation, provides maximum comfort and support for your wrist.

Folded Wrist Rest (Red)

Photo: folded wrist rest (red)

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Folded wrist rest (black stripes)

Photo: Folded wrist rest (black stripes)

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Soft cotton gauze hand towels

Photo: Soft cotton gauze hand towels

Soft Handkerchief Cotton Gauze Washcloth

Photo: Soft Handkerchief Cotton Gauze Washcloth

The other novelty launched by Maruei Futon is the soft, fluffy and comfortable cotton gauze towel which is the perfect fabric for little babies as well as adults with delicate skin.

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