Meet Lee County’s 2022 Golden Apple Teachers

Meet Lee County's 2022 Golden Apple Teachers

Some teachers cried. Some smiled. Some stood there, stunned, with no idea what was going on.

And a few needed time to collect themselves as the emotions set in.

“I’m sorry, I’m overwhelmed,” Fort Myers High math teacher Ryan Arciero said, his voice choking with tears, moments after his victory. the coveted Golden Apple trophy Friday. “I’m sorry, I have to sit down.”

The six Lee County teachers had mixed reactions when the “Golden Apple Surprise Bus” arrived at their schools Friday morning and people began pouring into their classrooms, unannounced, to give them a each a shiny, golden, apple-shaped trophy.

That’s what Marshall T. Bower loves most about the annual Golden Apple Awards program: the feedback from teachers and their students.

Stephanie Osterhouse, first-grade teacher at Skyline Elementary, celebrates with her students after receiving the 2021-2022 Golden Apple award on Friday, March 11, 2022.

“It’s one of my favorite days of the whole year,” said Bower, president and CEO of the organization that awards the awards, the Lee County Public Schools Foundation. “Surprising teachers – especially in their classroom with all their children – makes everyone realize how important our teachers are.”

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