Samsung and VMware offer virtualized environments with extended display via Samsung DeX

Samsung and VMware Deliver Virtualized Environments with Extended Display via Samsung DeX

VMware Horizon leverages Samsung DeX’s Dual Mode feature to provide expanded display capabilities for mobile and hybrid workers

Samsung and VMware have announced an addition to Samsung DeX for flagship Galaxy tablets and smartphones, including the new Galaxy Tab S8 and S22 series: second screen support for virtualized Windows PC desktop environments. The jointly developed feature, Extended Display via VMware Horizon on Samsung DeX, allows Galaxy Tab S8, S22 series and other flagship Galaxy tablets or smartphones to display a VMware virtualized Windows PC environment on a connected monitor, using APIs DeX to provide mouse and keyboard compatibility, while allowing movement of content across screens.

Samsung DeX has long been popular with users for its ability to create a “desktop-like” experience. Thanks to this new innovation from VMware and Samsung, business users will be able to enjoy the same Windows PC environment they use at work or at home using their Galaxy tablet or smartphone, when connected to an external display.

Integrated with the latest version of VMware’s Horizon client application, Horizon on Samsung DeX supports multiple use cases: users can view a virtualized Windows desktop environment on the external display while continuing to use applications and Android content from the Galaxy smartphone or tablet, or extend the Windows desktop across both screens, using the same mouse cursor to switch between screens.

The Horizon client uses DeX Dual Mode and Samsung’s input APIs to combine separate interfaces and input technologies into an integrated experience. In addition to allowing Galaxy users to use mouse-controlled Windows apps as needed, Horizon on Samsung DeX can facilitate dual-screen work scenarios where employees use one monitor for PC apps while the screen Samsung device touch allows the customer to use a finger or S-Pen. For example, a financial advisor can view market data on a large screen, while his client holds a Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series to track, approve trades and sign documents.

“Samsung DeX has increased business productivity for years, and we’ve listened to customers asking us to take Samsung DeX to the next level.” said Ray Couey, National Director of Strategic Alliances, Samsung Electronics America. “The latest version of Samsung DeX enabled VMware to use the second screen for an experience of the Galaxy Tab S series and smartphone users they crave. Horizon on Samsung DeX gives users the unparalleled ability to carry devices Powerful, power-efficient Androids anywhere, while accessing their Windows desktop work environments as needed – and without compromise.

Horizon on Samsung DeX is backed by Samsung’s Knox enterprise-grade security and VMware’s Workspace ONE virtualization technologies, giving businesses an ideal combination of simplified deployment with control over apps and data. In highly regulated industries including finance, healthcare, and government, Horizon on Samsung DeX provides a secure desktop environment that prevents sensitive data from permanently residing on client devices. Regardless of industry, all users benefit from instant remote access to a full-featured desktop combined with the portable power and versatility of true mobility.

For end users, using Horizon on Samsung DeX is as simple as connecting a supported Samsung Galaxy smartphone or tablet to a USB-C monitor, loading VMware’s Horizon client, and working with their information. existing Horizon credentials. Users can choose between wired or wireless Bluetooth keyboards and mice depending on their specific use cases. For IT teams, adding a new user takes just minutes thanks to VMware’s architecture, which makes onboarding as quick and easy as delivering a new Galaxy device.

Horizon’s latest Extended Display feature using Samsung DeX Dual Display is now available in VMware’s Horizon client and can be downloaded from the Google Play store here: VMware Horizon Client – Apps on Google Play