Samsung Electronics joins Home Connectivity Alliance to drive the future of connected home experiences

Samsung Electronics joins Home Connectivity Alliance to drive the future of connected home experiences

Samsung work with HCA to enhance the smart home experience through the interoperability of appliances, HVAC systems and TVs.

New global organization aims to give consumers more options to customize their smart home ecosystems while improving data privacy and device security

Samsung Electronics today announced it has joined the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA) with leading smart home manufacturers to promote interoperability and greater security.

Samsung Electronics is a founding member of the HCA along with Arçelik, The Electrolux Group, Haier, GE Appliances and Trane Technologies. The alliance brings together leading manufacturers of connected devices to improve compatibility of smart devices between brands.

As part of the alliance, Samsung will work with other member companies to develop shared guidelines for cloud-to-cloud interoperability, taking into account data security and consumer safety requirements.

For Samsung users, this means the ability to use and control devices from other brands through its SmartThings smart home platform, making it easier for consumers to integrate old and new devices into their homes. connected homes. Alternatively, consumers will be able to access Samsung devices from other HCA member apps.

“We are delighted that Samsung is a founding member of the Home Connectivity Alliance,” said Yoon Ho Choi, president of Home Connectivity Alliance. “It’s the support of global manufacturers like Samsung that makes HCA uniquely qualified to establish interoperability guidelines for long-lived devices and systems in the home, ultimately delivering safe, simple, and elegant consumer experiences.”

“As digital technology becomes increasingly integrated into everyday life, we at Samsung believe it is essential to bring greater openness to our smart home ecosystem and give consumers more options. to create truly personalized home experiences”, said Chanwoo Park, executive vice president and head of IoT business group at Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to work with other HCA members and will strive to make home lifestyles easier and smarter through meaningful innovations in smart devices and connectivity.”

Building on the partnerships fostered by the HCA, SmartThings will continue to deliver innovations that push the boundaries of smart devices, enabling more consumers to experience the benefits of connected living. From smart kitchen features to automated home cleaning and clothing care, SmartThings’ open platform brings together a wide range of cutting-edge devices and services to deliver a holistic smart home experience.

Simplifying everyday life through digital technology is at the heart of Samsung’s smart home innovations. The company is committed to working with other HCA members to drive the future of smart home technology and deliver meaningful innovations to users.

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