Samsung Electronics sold one million units of ‘The Frame’ in 2021 – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung Electronics sold one million units of 'The Frame' in 2021 - Samsung Global Newsroom

Thanks to The Frame’s popularity in the North American and European markets, total sales since 2017 are expected to exceed two million units by the end of the year.

Samsung Electronics today announced that it has sold more than one million units of “The Frame” this year, making it Samsung’s first million single-year sellers in its Lifestyle TV line. Total sales since the launch of The Frame in 2017 are expected to exceed two million units by the end of the year, driven by strong demand in the North American and European markets.

“The Frame is not just a TV-watching device, but a lifestyle product that enhances a space with its design and enriches consumers’ lives with an extensive art collection,” said Simon Sung, Vice -Executive President and Head of the Sales and Marketing Team. visual display business at Samsung Electronics. “We continue to look for ways to strengthen The Frame’s offerings to find innovative ways to meet consumers’ ever-changing needs and desires. We are also constantly exploring partnerships with new museums, galleries and artists to offer a much wider range of collections in the Art Store.

Innovative design combining form and function

The Frame is the most popular model in Samsung’s Lifestyle TV line. Since its first release in 2017, The Frame’s design, features and size have continuously evolved, reflecting consumers’ ever-changing tastes and lifestyle needs.

As consumers spend more time at home, the popularity of home entertainment content has grown, along with consumer demand for their displays to go beyond a home appliance and enhance their interior design. The Frame perfectly converged these trends to offer consumers a blend of form and function, driving increased sales for the range.

Innovative picture quality and consumer trend tracking drive Samsung to continually improve with each new iteration of The Frame. In 2020, Samsung added QLED picture technology to deliver more vibrant images. The TV also incorporates a brightness sensor to adjust the brightness level according to the environment, so viewers can fully enjoy optimized images and videos. In July 2021, Samsung launched an 85″ version, so it is now available in five different sizes (32″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 85″) to suit a variety of lifestyles and home spaces .

The frame in 2021 offers a slim 24.9mm bezel, almost half the width of last year’s model, adding elegance to the space with frame-like bezels available in different colors. Users can choose a customizable bezel – white, teak or brown flat style bezel, and white or brick red beveled chamfer style bezel.1 The frame can be installed on a TV stand, wall mounted for a gallery look or on the recently released studio stand.

Content curated through strategic partnerships in the art store

Besides its unique and modern design, one of The Frame’s focal points is the Art Store, its exclusive art subscription platform. When users aren’t watching content on The Frame, they can use Ambient Mode to choose artwork from the Art Store’s extensive library of paintings and photographs to display – this way the screen won’t It doesn’t have to be a blank canvas interfering with interior decoration, but an element that enhances it.

The Frame’s Art Store features over 1,500 works of art from world-renowned museums and galleries such as the Hermitage Museum in Russia, the Louvre in France and the Prado Museum in Spain. Through partnerships, Samsung has expanded the Art Store’s collection to encompass unique works of art from emerging creators around the world, such as Magnum Photos, a global group of photojournalists, and more recently, the leading photography house of YellowKorner art, to offer vibrant works of art. which takes advantage of The Frame’s QLED picture quality. With AI-based curation, the 2021 version of The Frame analyzes consumer habits and tastes and recommends new artwork.

The 2021 version of The Frame offers significantly increased storage capacity with 6 GB compared to previous versions which offered 500 MB. It can now store up to 1,200 images in 4K resolution so that users can select more works of art. art to form their own custom gallery.

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1 The chamfer style bezel is only available in 55″ and 65″