Samsung Galaxy S22’s best feature is something the iPhone 13 can’t match

Samsung Galaxy S22's best feature is something the iPhone 13 can't match

Part of the testing process for my Samsung Galaxy S22 review is to compare the phone to other devices in its price range and see if it beats or falls short of anything out there. Given that the Galaxy S22 starts at $799, that means including the iPhone 13 and Google Pixel 6 in these comparisons. The iPhone 13 costs the same as the S22, after all, and while the Pixel 6 undercuts both phones, with a starting price of $599, its capabilities are in the same ballpark.

My S22 review and subsequent Galaxy S22 vs. Pixel 6 showdown go into more detail about how the different phones stack up – Samsung’s phone wins and loses, which isn’t surprising given the proximity to this trio of phones. But there’s one area where the Galaxy S22 outperforms its two potential rivals, and you see it the moment you flip the phones over and look at their rear camera arrays.

The Galaxy S22 has a dedicated telephoto lens. The iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 do not.

(Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

We only single out the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 because they rank among the best camera phones. The truth is, it’s hard to find a phone with a telephoto lens that costs less than $800. Last year’s OnePlus 9 didn’t have one, for example, and while the upcoming OnePlus 10 Pro has a telephoto lens, it’s likely to cost more than the Galaxy S22 when it debuts in the US.