Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Leaks: The infrared temperature sensor is coming to the wearable for the next version?

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Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 has gotten new leaks from insiders and speculators regarding its new infrared temperature sensor which it will include in its next version of wearable technology. The feature is a first for wearable tech, and it’s something Samsung is reportedly aiming to bring its next-gen smartwatch to its smart devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Leaks: New Wearable Health Sensor

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NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 7: The new Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 is shown during a launch event at Barclays Center on August 7, 2019 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. Samsung has announced the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Note 10 Plus smartphones, which will go on sale August 23 starting at $949.

Samsung had leaks and rumors about its next version of the Galaxy Watch 5 and ET News in Korea reported for the first time about this new upcoming wearable health sensor. While the feature isn’t exactly hi-tech like the Blood Pressure Monitor and Blood Glucose Sensor initial rumors, it still brings an additional tool for users.

That’s the infrared temperature sensor, and it will help watch his condition via his body heat, whether it’s lower or higher than the regular readings. The new feature can help to have more information about his body, and different diagnostics will help to indicate a specific event in his body, thanks to the new technology.

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Infrared temperature sensor on Galaxy Watch?

According to Android Central, Samsung would not be the first manufacturer to offer the temperature sensor on a wearable tech. Yet there will be a more accurate pioneer on the watch. This is because of its infrared capabilities which focus on the position on a person’s wrist for an accurate reading, allegedly in the fall.

Smartwatch and its technological capabilities

Smartwatches are devices that say more than just time and notifications to users, as they focus on many health and fitness monitoring features. Essentially, various versions of smartwatches include Google’s Android operating system, Apple’s watchOS, and the many variations of its systems to power the device.

Samsung competes with many tech companies that focus on these wearables, including Fitbit, Garmin, Fossil, Apple, and even famous Swiss luxury watchmaker TAG Heuer. They are not the only companies to offer a smartwatch in their range as other smartphone manufacturers are also offering their versions of the devices to the users.

Technology and health work closely together to give the public what they need to monitor their health and follow the news to help the medical field. Smartwatches from Samsung and other manufacturers are becoming a massive helper for the future, especially with the many features they are trying to bring to the public.

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