Samsung Kids Update with One UI 4 helps kids build good digital habits with new friends – Samsung Global Newsroom

Samsung Kids Update with One UI 4 helps kids build good digital habits with new friends – Samsung Global Newsroom

Our smartphones are gateways to a world of limitless experiences. However, since there are no limits, parents should be careful to protect their children from content that could be harmful and should prevent them from accessing important files. These are just some of the concerns that tend to prevent parents from allowing their children to use smart devices.

If you’re a parent and need a “fence” for kids to safely access the limitless digital world, Samsung Kids might be just what you’ve been looking for. Samsung Kids is a home launcher designed especially for children that prevents them from being exposed to external services and fills their smartphone with family apps that keep them entertained and encourage them to learn. Read on to find out how Samsung Kids’ latest update with One UI 4 adds even more security and variety to the features families rely on every day.

How Samsung Kids Evolved to Offer More Convenience and Fun

The platform that we now know as Samsung Kids was originally introduced in 2014 as Kids Mode. Created to allow children to use smartphones in a safer way, Kids Mode featured settings that allowed parents to ensure that their children only had access to apps provided by the Kids Mode service, as well as to all the others that the parents had authorized. It also gave kids their first taste of the Galaxy ecosystem with a design that catered to their preferences and featured unique and friendly characters.

Since then, Kids Mode has continued to evolve. A diverse collection of content has been added for every age group and category to ensure kids continue to have fun and learn with their smartphones.

When Kids Mode finally became Samsung Kids, it became even more convenient and offered a wider variety of content. Now users can activate Samsung Kids with just one click in the quick panel – no download required. They can also instantly turn the feature on or off when unlocking their phone. There is no need to set up a dedicated password and the feature provides a detailed view of usage patterns. Samsung has also enriched the service with more types of content through collaboration with partner companies. You can learn more about these and other enhancements that give kids a richer smartphone experience and take the stress out of choosing content for your child in the video below.

Key update ①: Setting background colors and apps based on age groups

Samsung Kids is primarily intended for use by children between the ages of three and eight. Now, with the update, there are options to change the background color and the apps displayed on the screen so that more age groups can use the service. To better meet their child’s needs, parents can remove default apps and populate the home screen with content from the Recommended Content page and apps they have downloaded and authorized.

Useful default apps for young children include Bobby’s Canvas (a drawing app), My Magic Voice (a voice changer), and Lisa’s Music Band (a music app). Parents also have the option to hide certain apps and content if they wish.

Children eight and older may benefit more from slightly more challenging content. Examples include apps like Crocro’s Adventure, which lets kids practice logical thinking through block coding, My Browser, which offers news articles in English, and Pettson’s Inventions, which is listed in partner apps. Users also have the option to change the background color according to their preferences. Also, early next year, kids who use the home launcher will be able to decorate their home screen with their own designs.

Key update ②: Enhanced parental controls to monitor activity and set weekly goals

Every parent wants to know which apps their kids use the most and what kind of apps they prefer. Samsung Kids’ updated parental control feature not only provides detailed information about children’s mobile activities for the day, but also for the past month. Apps are listed by frequency of use, making it easy to track screen time for each app.

Healthy smartphone usage habits are created when goals are set and adhered to. Having a record of your child’s smartphone activities is useful for setting weekly usage goals. Depending on their situation, users can set the same screen time goal to track each day, or they can also set different goals for each day of the week.

Key update ③: Recommended content page now includes AR features and partner apps

Samsung Kids not only provides functionality for basic activities such as taking photos and drawing, but also includes a wide range of content developed through collaboration with partners. If you swipe right on the home screen, you will find various new apps that cater to children’s preferences, which can easily be dragged and added to the home screen.

Apps that use AR (augmented reality) are also introduced with the update. For example, My AR Theater and My Art Studio allow children to create their own special stories with Crocro and his friends in augmented reality. They can record their stories as videos, take photos and decorate them with AR stickers made from their own designs. These features allow children to let their imaginations run wild and develop their creativity. Kids can also enjoy a wide variety of fun activities with partner apps like LEGO DUPLO World, Disney Coloring and new Toca Boca apps.

Key update ④: Promoting healthy mobile habits by providing children with insights into their smartphone usage

Samsung Kids continues to evolve to make it easier for young users to enjoy fun and educational content. Starting in One UI 4, Crocro’s little friends will greet children on the welcome board, and their greetings and interactions will differ depending on the situation and as more character actions are added.1 The newly added content partner app map, meanwhile, groups recommended apps based on category, making it easier for users to find apps they might like.

Cards designed to help users monitor their activity and screen time have also been added. This was done assuming that children, like their parents, would also be curious about their smartphone activity. Now kids can monitor their activity and screen time with their parents, or set up their own smartphone usage plan to further develop their independence.

Key update ⑤: Introducing new, even friendlier “boyfriends”

With the update, Crocro and his “Little Friends” – Samsung Kids’ charming and unique cast of characters – have become even friendlier and now include land and sea characters. You can meet all six characters in the video below, including new additions like Leo the seal, who loves collecting ocean items, and Finn the clever dolphin.

With limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors these days, kids are using mobile devices more frequently. In light of this trend, it has become even more important for children to develop good mobile habits and use fun and educational content. In the future, Samsung plans to make Samsung Kids even more enjoyable and a safer “fence” for the digital world that considers both parents and children.

“We want Samsung Kids to be both a partner and a friend for children and their parents. We will put more effort into making users see Crocro and his little friends more, more often,” said Jong-in Lee, PO (Project Owner) of Samsung Kids Service in Samsung Electronics Mobile Communications Business. .

1 Welcome board functions may differ depending on the OS version