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[Update: Mar. 15] Samsung One UI 4.1 update tracker: Early info, release date, developments, bugs/issues, and more

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The original story (published December 04, 2021) follows:

Samsung’s One UI 4.0 on Android 12 is not yet available for all eligible Galaxy devices. As of now, the new skin is available for the company’s flagships in either stable or beta form.

As usual, Samsung launched the Android 12-based One UI 4.0 beta with the latest Galaxy-S series phone, and this time it was the S21 series.

Galaxy S21

A UI 4.0 beta program was first released for the Galaxy S21 lineup, followed by other flagship phones including the Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 .

The company also impressively rolled out the One UI 4.0 stable release for the Galaxy S21 series, which is nearly a month ahead of last year’s stable release.

For more information on One UI 4.0 releases for Galaxy devices, you can check out our dedicated tracker.

Then, the South Korean tech giant releases two minor One UI version updates between each Android version.

So, with Android 10, the company rolled out One UI 2.1 and One UI 2.5 with the Galaxy S20 and Note 20 respectively.

However, things changed in the recent past as the Galaxy Note line was discontinued in favor of the foldable Galaxy Z series. The company dropped the One UI 3.5 update and replaced it with One UI 3.1.1 this year.

one-ui-3.0 features

This version was pre-installed with Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3 and later expanded to more eligible devices.

That being said, if Samsung follows last year’s trend, we expect the company to start seeding the One UI 4.1 release within a few months. Most likely alongside the release of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series.

Upcoming highlights are expected will launch in February next year, which means we may be able to see tweaked and improved skin around the same time.

Samsung-Galaxy-S22-Ultra-Leak Front Panel
Galaxy S22 Ultra front panel leak

As One UI 4.1 is still a long way off, there is little to no information available at this time on what the next release will bring.

While major UI changes cannot be expected, One UI 4.1 is more likely to bring improvements to existing features and improvements to the overall user experience.

According to a well known tipster, One UI 4.1 will bring new features in camera and multitasking. Moreover, it will also add new features to the S-Pen and bring a better and more refined software experience.

As for eligible devices, we expect Samsung to release the upcoming skin for all devices eligible for the One UI 4.0 update.

That said, the information we currently have regarding One UI 4.1 is mostly based on speculation and should therefore be taken with a grain of salt.

So, in this dedicated tracker, we’ll be keeping tabs on all the developments related to the upcoming One UI 4.1 skin, which means you might want to bookmark this page to be the first to know if there’s anything. thing to note.

Update 1 (December 20)

5:26 p.m. (IST): A fee report highlighted a statement from a Samsung representative that claims the company will begin rolling out the One UI 4.1 update in February – possibly after the launch of the Galaxy S22 series.

The first devices to receive the update will be the Galaxy S21 series and Note 20 devices. Next in line will be the company’s current-generation foldables and the S20 lineup. Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ can also update during the same period.

Update 2 (03 January)

11:26 a.m. (IST): Now some features of the upcoming One UI 4.1 are revealed by a South Korean blog that we may see in Samsung’s upcoming Android 12-based update. Check them out below:

1. More color palette options for themes.

2. Now you can set the vibration pattern to match the rhythm of the ringtone or notification tone.

3. New functions added in Good Lock module called Multistar.

4. Director’s View now saves simultaneously recorded videos from front and rear cameras separately

5. Photo editor can now erase shadows or erase light highlights.

6. Now you can stack widgets like in iOS. Thus, multiple widgets can be added in the same place rather than
taking up extra space on the home screen.

7. Support all App Casting in Smart View. (But we don’t know how it works right now)

Update 3 (January 10)

5:39 p.m. (IST): Reports now suggest that some Galaxy devices slated to receive the Android 12 with One UI 4.0 update in February or March 2022 may directly get Android 12 with One UI 4.1 instead. For the full list of devices, go to here.

Update 4 (January 12)

6:26 p.m. (IST): A well known tipster Anthony claims that the One UI 4.1 update for Samsung devices would bring major upgrades and improvements in animations and overall software experience.

Update 5 (January 13)

12:03 p.m. (IST): The T-Mobile variant of the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has been spotted on Checkfirm running a new One UI version. This indicates that Samsung may be testing One UI 4.1 for the device.

(Tap/click to enlarge)

Update 6 (January 21)

2:50 p.m. (IST): Samsung announcement that it will host the first Galaxy Unpacked event of 2022 in February where it will unveil the Galaxy S22 series and a few other products.

At the same time, we will also see One UI 4.0 in action. And most likely, the company will start rolling out One UI 4.1 once these new phones go on sale.

Update 7 (January 22)

3:47 p.m. (IST): Samsung is going to release the Galaxy S22 series next month. And now a popular leak says that users who own one of the Galaxy S21 series phones or a Snapdragon Galaxy S20 and Note 20 Ultra should better wait for One UI 4.1.

Especially since he claims that this new version will bring most of the new features of the Galaxy S22 to these old flagships.

Update 8 (January 25)

5:59 p.m. (IST): Samsung will soon begin rolling out the One UI 4.1 update to eligible devices. And it looks like the company has already started preparing for its next One UI release.

The Korean tech giant has would have started development of One UI 4.1 for Galaxy S21 Ultra with build G998U1UEU5CVA4. However, this version will be different for the stable update.

Update 9 (January 28)

11:18 a.m. (IST): The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on T-Mobile was spotted testing One UI 4.1 on CheckFirm. So we can assume that the Galaxy S21 series will probably get the update in mid-February or until the end.


Thanks for the screenshot: Matthew Reiter!

Update 10 (January 29)

6:00 p.m. (IST): It looks like Samsung is internally testing One UI 4.1 update on Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Note 10+, Z Fold 3, S21 FE and others. More on that here.

Update 11 (05 February)

12:01 (IST): Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Note 10 were spotted on CheckFirm testing the update to One UI 4.1 based on Android 12.

Thanks for the tip: Alfatürk

Update 12 (February 10)

10:21 a.m. (IST): Samsung finally introduced the One UI 4.1 based on Android 12 alongside the Galaxy S22 series. It comes pre-installed with Galaxy S22 phones.

This means that this latest skin will soon be available for other eligible Galaxy devices. However, Samsung has yet to reveal an ETA. In the meantime, you can check out the official introduction video of One UI 4.1 below.

Update 13 (February 11)

11:53 a.m. (IST): Samsung introduced the RAM Plus feature some time ago which allows you to use 4GB of virtual RAM from the built-in storage on your devices.

With the A 4.1 user interface, Samsung has taken this feature to the next level. It now lets you choose how much RAM you want. RAM Plus can now use 2GB, 6GB, and even 8GB of onboard storage.

Update 14 (February 14)

12:43 p.m. (IST): Samsung OneUI 4.1 would have brings new camera feature to add portrait background blur effect to any portrait photo. It’s currently available on the Galaxy S22, but it’s expected to be available on other Galaxy devices as well.

Update 15 (February 21)

12:43 p.m. (IST): Screenshots from a tipster (Matthew Reiter) suggest that the One UI 4.1 update rollout for the Samsung Galaxy S21 series could start in late February.

However, initially only the Ultra model could receive the update. There are still no details or hints about a possible arrival date for the vanilla S21 and S21 Plus.

Update 16 (March 05)

12:22 p.m. (IST): Fido and Telus’ software update schedule confirms that Samsung will start rolling out the One UI 4.1 update for the Galaxy S21 series starting March 15.

Thanks for the tip: Matthew Reiter!

Update 17 (March 09)

5:51 p.m. (IST): Samsung has introduced new Smart Widgets with One UI 4.1, similar to Smart Stacks on iOS.

These are stacks of multiple widgets that you can access by scrolling through them. Check out the complete guide on how to add, remove and edit Smart Widgets on your Samsung phone here.

Update 18 (March 12)

10:55 a.m. (IST): According to the screenshot shared by one of our readers of the alleged conversation with Samsung support, the Galaxy S21 series in the US may receive the One UI 4.1 update on March 15th.

(Click/tap to enlarge)

Update 19 (March 15)

11:27 a.m. (IST): A Samsung community moderator has revealed all the Galaxy S22 camera features that will be coming to other Galaxy devices through the One UI 4.1 update.

– Night portrait features: Galaxy S21, S20, Note 20, Z Fold 2, Z Fold 3, Z Flip 5G and Z Flip 3

– Pet recognition: Galaxy S21, S21 FE, S20 FE, Note 20, Z Fold 2, Z Fold 3, Z Flip 5G and Z Flip 3

– Light position editing functions: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy S20 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Fold 3, Galaxy Z Flip 5G, Galaxy Z Flip 3

– Telephoto portrait video: Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 3

– Improved director’s view: Galaxy S21, Galaxy Z Flip 3, Galaxy Z Fold 3

– Snapchat integration: Galaxy S21 (Source)

To note: We will add the tracking chart below once the update starts rolling out to devices.

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