Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences

Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences

Developers, creators and designers explored new ways to build with Samsung’s growing ecosystem at the company’s Developer Conference

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today hosted the Samsung Developer Conference 2021 (SDC 21), marking the first-ever virtual developer conference for the company. Open to consumers, developers and partners, Samsung announced a suite of product services and solutions to shape, design and create seamless experiences that fit easily into today’s changing lifestyles.

During the event, Samsung highlighted its consumer-centric approach to innovation. In particular, the company showed how advances in AI, IoT and security work alongside the breadth of Samsung’s portfolio to create experiences that match the way people live, ultimately opening up a new era of connectivity and collaboration.

“We are proud of the pioneering work we are able to do in partnership with the creative developer community,” said DJ Koh, President and CEO of Computing and Mobile Communications Division, Samsung Electronics. “As society becomes more closely connected through new tools and devices, we want to make people’s lives easier and smarter, wherever they are.”

Platforms designed for connected experiences

A solid platform of technologies across AI, IoT, and security enhances consumer experience and accelerates developers’ ability to build creative applications. Samsung detailed its plans to bolster core platform technologies like Bixby, SmartThings, and Samsung Knox.

Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences

During the SDC 21 keynote, Samsung announced improvements to Bixby, which has become a central part of the user experience for more than 300 million Samsung devices. Bixby now uses on-device AI and deep neural networks to process commands on the devices themselves. Thanks to AI on the device, this evolution makes the service up to 35% faster than before.

For developers, Samsung also announced the Bixby home platform, which serves as a smart layer between Bixby’s natural language processing and SmartThings. With the platform, voice commands can now be executed more intelligently, taking into account the state and context of various devices.

Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences

Samsung has made further announcements regarding SmartThingsincluding how the platform will be fully integrated with Question, the new standard in smart home compatibility. Matter solves interoperability issues for developers and with a long list of partners, and will be the catalyst that will make smart home connectivity almost effortless. SmartThings Hub The software will also be integrated into the Samsung product portfolio, which includes Samsung Smart TVs and Family Hub refrigerators.

Samsung believes that consumer data and personal privacy are just as important as the experiences they enable. Samsung is committed to providing a seamless customer experience and ensuring the security of its devices and services from start to finish. Samsung Knox, the company’s defense-grade security platform, provides built-in protection for more than 100 million Samsung devices. To further secure consumer data, the Samsung Knox safe comes in a combination of security-specific hardware (a new secure processor and isolated secure memory) and new embedded software that protects the most secure Android operating system and app data. During the SDC 21 keynote, Samsung highlighted the importance of collaboration and its philosophy of open innovation to improve security and privacy, reiterating its work to continue releasing security scanning tools as than open source projects.

Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences

Samsung also introduced its Principles of confidentiality at SDC 21, highlighting the three commitments that guide all innovation in the company: Protection, Control and Transparency. Through these principles, consumers, developers, and partners are provided with the information needed to make decisions about how data is managed. The company offers users the ability to review and manage their permissions from the privacy settings on their Galaxy and Smart TV devices and discloses Samsung’s privacy policies through the Privacy Portal. Going forward, Samsung will collaborate with global security experts while continuing to release open-source security scanning tools to make its ecosystems more secure.

Tizen takes Smart TV to new heights

Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences

Based on its vision “Screens everywhere, a screen for all”, Samsung continues to strengthen its position as the world leader in TVs by developing new experiences that improve connectivity, functionality and immersive entertainment. At SDC 21, Samsung showcased various ways Samsung TVs enable new experiences, including:

  • video communication based on a partnership with Google that allows users to enjoy better video calls on TVs via AI-enabled focus and zoom features.
  • Samsung Health on smart TVs that connect to a webcam to analyze movement and can provide real-time feedback during a workout.
  • More realistic video game thanks to HDR10+, with automated settings for low latency and HDR calibration.

Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences
For businesses, Samsung will launch Tizen for business. This service supports interactive whiteboards in schools, kiosks in shopping malls, and even screens in restaurants, airports, and subways. With new management portals, businesses can perform real-time monitoring and control screens remotely, easily applying settings to multiple devices with a single tap.

And with the License of the Tizen television platform, manufacturers who wish to introduce a high-end television platform such as Tizen can do so quickly and inexpensively, and use the Tizen brand to promote their products at major external events. This allows them to use Tizen TV’s presence to promote their products in the Smart TV market and ultimately help more consumers enjoy Tizen.

Innovate across the galactic ecosystem

Samsung Unveils Solutions for a New Era of SDC 21 Connected Experiences

Samsung provides a user experience that meets the needs of all users and devices. And with a growing range of device types and form factors, developers have a wide range of opportunities to innovate in new ways.

At SDC 21, Samsung introduced the new A user interface 4, the latest version of its user interface for mobile devices. One UI 4 will offer new levels of customization to allow users to create an experience and device that truly belongs to them. It combines core Samsung privacy and security features with options for users to customize permissions so they are always in control of their data when using a Samsung device.

Samsung demonstrated the possibilities of One UI 4 to developers at the event, especially for foldable devices such as the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3. Thanks to One UI 4, users will be able to use features such as Flexible mode and Multi-active window, which allow users to enjoy more intuitive and user-friendly experiences unique to foldable form factors. SDC 21 also included a Galaxy Watch session that showcased Wear OSMT Powered by Samsung, a new unified smartwatch platform, co-built with Google.
Samsung invites developers and partners on its journey to bring new secure experiences to life. For more information on Samsung Developer Conference 2021, please visit