Samsung will plant millions of trees to fight climate change

Samsung to Plant Millions of Trees to Fight Climate Change

The fight against climate change requires action. Samsung is committed to doing its part to reduce its environmental footprint by integrating sustainability into its business strategies and operations, developing innovative products for a circular economy, and enabling environmentally conscious consumers to have a positive impact on their communities. But we know there is still a lot of work to do. That’s why we’re expanding our climate strategy by leveraging existing solutions to capture and sequester carbon dioxide (CO2) of the atmosphere.

Samsung will plant millions of trees to fight climate change

Today, Samsung Electronics America is launching a new nature-based project to take action that supports a healthy climate and planet. Our company has set itself a goal plant two million trees in Madagascar by the end of the first quarter of 2022. Samsung partners with climate solutions platform, green treeto manage the tree planting initiative by leveraging blockchain technology to verify and track every step of the reforestation process.

Samsung’s sustainability journey is continuous and multifaceted. Investing in technological innovations, such as those that improve efficiency and minimize waste, in combination with nature-based solutions, is essential in the fight against climate change,” said Mark Newton, sustainability manager at Samsung Electronics America. “Building on our history of open collaboration, we are partnering with veritree for the tree planting initiative as an additional way to contribute to a better global society.”

The Ultimate Donation Tree

Samsung will plant millions of trees to fight climate change

Trees and forests play an essential role in stabilizing the climate. They impact the carbon cycle, regulate ecosystems, preserve biodiversity and can help support the well-being and livelihoods of local communities. Samsung will work with field experts from Eden Reforestation Projects and community members to plant two million mangrove trees near the Mahajanga region of Madagascar, a coastal region facing biodiversity challenges due to deforestation in large scale. The tropical trees are expected to restore around 200 hectares of land and sequester around a billion pounds of CO2 over a period of 25 years.

Samsung will plant millions of trees to fight climate change

The mangroves that Samsung plants in Madagascar are among the world’s most efficient natural carbon sinks – places where CO2 is captured and stored, removing it from the atmosphere. The roots of the mangrove, which are generally covered with water all year round, store CO2 in the ground submerged with the trunk and branches of the tree. Forests in drier climates, such as those in North America, have less capacity to absorb and store carbon dioxide than mangroves. It would take between 50 and 100 years to capture the same amount of carbon in an American forest as in the same area populated by mangroves.

A verified approach to tree planting

veritree uses blockchain technology to provide Samsung with a fully integrated platform to support field-level data collection, site planning, inventory (tree) management, and impact monitoring. The system was designed to collect data from day one of tree planting and provide greater transparency throughout the entire process.

Samsung will plant millions of trees to fight climate change

“Reforestation is one of the best ways to fight climate change. By collaborating with veritree, environmentally conscious brands like Samsung that aim to do our planet good instead of just less harm can have accurate, ground-level data on their impact on tree planting.” , said Derrick Emsley, co-founder and CEO of veritree. “Our mission is to make it easy to integrate nature-based solutions into any business model and we are excited about our strategic partnership with Samsung.”

Create meaningful impact at every stage

At Samsung, we believe our choices today determine a sustainable future. In November 2021, we launched an advertising campaign, called “Daily changes. Significant impact.“The campaign highlights how Samsung has reinvented its products to embed environmental sustainability into everything we do, through innovative product design and packaging, as well as energy-saving technology and to recycling. By working in partnership with our consumers, we can do more together.

Samsung’s sustainability efforts date back to the 1970s when we introduced the Econo TV, which reduced energy consumption by more than 20% with an Instant Receive feature. More recently, we expanded the use of renewable energy to all of our US facilities, we implemented an eight-step circular process for our products that aims to do more with less, we launched our Galaxy for the Planet, and we’re helping consumers control their energy use with our SmartThings Energy app.

To learn more about Samsung’s climate change efforts, visit our Explore sustainability hub.