Samsung’s next big Galaxy S22 controversy could involve charging

Samsung's next big Galaxy S22 controversy could involve charging

The Galaxy S22 series has received positive reviews so far, but the phones aren’t perfect. The phone seems to break a lot easier than expected, but that’s something you can avoid with a good case. However, the Galaxy S22 has also been at the center of some controversy so far, with the 45W charging speed being the latest issue identified by users.

Those keeping score at home should remember Samsung’s marketing lie about the Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus display refresh rates. The company announced much better specs than the product. Then came the big app throttling issue that Samsung is rushing to fix. And if the findings on 45W charging speeds are accurate, Samsung’s PR department will have even more work to do.

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How fast does the Galaxy S22 charge?

For years, Samsung fans have been urging the company to increase the charging speed of its phones. In recent years, Chinese phones have offered increasingly impressive wired and wireless charging speeds. The latest example came a few days ago when Oppo showed off its 150W wired charging technology that tops up a smartphone in 15 minutes. The battery only needs 5 minutes to reach 50%.

Galaxy S22 phones support two fast charging speeds. The cheapest model goes up to 25W max. The Galaxy S22 Plus and Galaxy S22 Ultra support 45W charging, but you’ll need to buy a different power adapter to actually get that speed.

Before we get into the new charging speed controversy, let’s step back in time to the Unpacked event in mid-February. Here’s how Samsung described the 45W charging speed.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus smartphone. Image source: Samsung

45W’s unusual marketing claims

For Galaxy S22 Plus, Samsung wrote what follows:

The Galaxy S22+ also offers 45W super-fast charging, so you don’t have to wait when your battery is low.

The Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 45W charging speed has a little weirder only that:

The S22 Ultra also supports 45W super-fast charging, allowing you to record over 50 minutes of video, after 10 minutes of charging.

so weird necessary this footnote:

Based on Super Fast Charging results from Samsung internal lab tests, conducted using a 45W travel adapter with 0% power remaining, with all services, features and display turned off. Actual charging speed may vary depending on actual usage, charging conditions and other factors. 45W travel adapter sold separately. Use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables.

So what Samsung says is that you can use the 45W charging speed for 10 minutes when your Galaxy S22 Ultra is at 0%. Your phone will then be able to record more than 50 minutes of video. That’s a weird assertion to make.

Android vendors usually highlight new charging speeds, telling buyers exactly how fast the phone can charge.

More on Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ultra pagethe company advertises the 45W charging speed as follows:

Super fast charging
Full speed. Get super-fast charging that lasts longer than the day when you plug in the 45W AC adapter.

Again, we need a footnote:

Wall charger sold separately; use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables.

This is how the Galaxy S22/S22 Plus page advertises “Super fast charging:”

Enjoy ready charging for whatever you do with the 25W Galaxy S22 and 45W Galaxy S22+ Power Adapter

And the corresponding footnote:

25W AC adapter, 45W AC adapter and data cable sold separately.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in White
Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in white, with stylus. Image source: Samsung

45W charging speed could be a gimmick

The conclusion is that Samsung does not specify how fast the 45W charger is compared to the 25W. So people have no idea if it’s worth buying the faster adapter, which retails for $49.99.

This brings us to two separate reports that say you probably shouldn’t buy the Galaxy S22 45W Charger.

One comes from PhoneArena. The blog found that the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s 5,000mAh battery needs 62 minutes to reach a full charge on the 45W fast charging speed. With the 25W, it only takes 70 minutes to fully charge.

Separately, Android Authority also conducted a charging comparison experiment which concluded that the 45W is only marginally faster than the 25W.

Even more worryingly, the second report showed that the peak performance of the 45W charger only lasts one minute. For the most part, the speed is around 30W. This is why the Galaxy S22 Ultra won’t charge much faster when using the “45W” charging speed.

But unless you have both 25W and 45W chargers to do your own comparisons with, you might not realize the faster charging speed isn’t worth the extra $50.

The good news in all of this is that slower charging speeds could protect battery health. However, it certainly looks like Samsung has another big Galaxy S22 marketing mistake.

Again, so far the company has said the Galaxy S22 phones have better screen refresh, faster app performance, and faster charging speeds than users will actually experience in the real life.