Strava Reverse Course: Re-enables Apple Health Sync

Strava Reverse Course: Re-enables Apple Health Sync

Strava has reversed course on its recent disabling of Apple Health syncing for third-party workouts (e.g. data from Zwift, TrainerRoad, Garmin, etc.), after abruptly disabling the feature last week without notice. This decision has impacted many Apple iPhone users who have used Strava for years to consolidate their many sources of workout data into a single Apple Health repository. Strava’s change not only broke people’s ability to close their daily activity rings, but it also impacted health insurance programs that used Apple Health as their central database (and existing Strava sync long time to populate this database). Not to mention many other apps that have leveraged Apple Health data.

After countless reports of Strava support tickets being opened and Strava accounts being canceled, Strava Support has just started sending out a preset message apologizing for the change and notifying users that it has been reactivated. A copy of one of these messages is below:

“Salvation [username],

We appreciate your feedback and apologize for any inconvenience and frustration caused by this change. We’ve re-enabled third-party apps to sync with Apple Health. All of your activities should resume the transfer, including those you missed for the past few days.

This means that your Zwift, Garmin, TrainerRoad, Peloton, Wahoo, or whatever app you use to log your workouts to Strava will again head to Apple Health to close those rings. Keep striving and we’ll go back to the lab to find a better way to prevent duplicates from happening on Apple Health.

For more information, please see our help article and any troubleshooting for syncing missing activities from the past few days.

Strava Support Team »

Notification to users (or at least those who opened a ticket) acknowledges the “frustration caused by this change” users, and goes on to say that all activities will begin to transfer again, including those on break days where the feature was disabled.

You may remember that the main reason Strava cited for disabling this long-standing feature was that it created duplicate entries for consumers who accidentally enabled syncing with Apple Health in two places (e.g. in Strava and Garmin Connect). No doubt this probably happened to some consumers, but Strava’s solution was just killing it for everyone, instead of trying to design a better solution to avoid duplicates (like intelligently detecting if a secondary service is already running synchronizing).

The company also acknowledged this, saying “we will go back to the lab to find a better way to prevent duplicates from happening on Apple Health.”

I contacted Strava and their official response is as follows:

“Our attempt to prevent duplicate activity uploads from being posted on Strava has created unintended consequences for our community of athletes. After listening to their feedback and assessing the situation, we have decided to re-enable third-party app syncing with Apple Health.

While the unannounced change certainly wasn’t ideal, I’m glad to see 2022’s Strava reverse this decision so quickly and make consumers functional again. We’ve certainly never seen this with the Strava from 2019 and before. So… well done, as they say.

With that, thanks for reading.