The computer does not work normally? 5 Steps to Quickly Clean Up Digital Trash

Cleaning up digital trash on your computer doesn't take much time.  But you have to do it right and smart.

Digital waste is accumulating too quickly. Look no further than your phone and all those blurry photos and old screenshots in your gallery. What you don’t see are the invasive tracking cookies stored in your smartphone.

Tap or click for a brief privacy guide everyone should read.

The clutter on your computer can be even harder to manage. Start with your Trash on a PC or your Trash on a Mac. You have to empty it manually from time to time. Tap or click for files and folders that you should also throw away for good right now.

Cleaning your computer does not take much time. But you have to do it right and smart. I can help.

1. Delete sensitive files from your desktop

How many documents are stored on your computer that you really wouldn’t want anyone else to get their hands on? I know people who have an Excel spreadsheet loaded with their passwords stored out in the open on the desktop.