WatchOS 8.5 lets you restore your Apple Watch with a nearby iPhone running iOS 15.4

WatchOS 8.5 lets you restore your Apple Watch with a nearby iPhone running iOS 15.4

Apple has finally released iOS 15.4, which will be the last major update before iOS 16, which would likely come with the new version of the iPhone 14 series. AppleInsider Reports It looks like the company has introduced a useful little tweak with iOS 15.4 and watchOS 8.5 that will let you restore an Apple Watch just with an iPhone nearby. Apple also released a new accompanying document with the process.

You can now restore an Apple Watch with an iPhone nearby

You must have iOS 15.4 on the iPhone and watchOS 8.5 on the Apple Watch for this process to work, so keep that in mind. These new software updates will allow you to restore Apple Watch firmware using an iPhone.

This fix is ​​for users who have an Apple Watch issue that requires it to be restored (Apple Watch must be on watchOS 8.5). If you approach the smartwatch to an iPhone running iOS 15.4, it will display an animation showing an iPhone and an Apple Watch together.

You must have the Apple Watch on the charger for the restore to work. To do this you will need to double click the side button on the watch and then follow the steps on the iPhone to continue.

If the process doesn’t work, Apple suggests you try a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network instead of a 5 GHz network. The iPhone must also enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Prior to this update, Apple Watch models that had a red exclamation mark on their screens had to be sent to an Apple Support Center and get service. Now, you will be able to restore your portable device without the help of Apple support. One thing the document doesn’t clarify is which Apple Watch models support the feature. We know that all Apple Watch models starting with Apple Watch Series 3 can be updated to watchOS 8.5. If after the process the red exclamation mark on your Apple Watch is not gone, you will need to contact Apple Support and have the watch repaired.

WatchOS 8.5 and iOS 15.4: other new features

The update also brings a few other features to Apple Watches. There’s the new non-binary Siri voice for US users, which is also reflected on the Apple Watch as well as iOS 15.4. The watches are also getting 37 new emojis for iMessage.

Here are other features brought by watchOS 8.5:

  • Ability to authorize Apple TV purchases and subscriptions;
  • COVID-19 vaccination cards in Apple Wallet now support EU COVID digital certificate format;
  • Updates to irregular rhythm notifications designed to improve identification of atrial fibrillation (available in the United States, Chile, Hong Kong, South Africa, and other regions where the feature is available)

On the other hand, Apple also now released iOS 15.4 to supported iPhones. This update is the last major update before iOS 16 drops. The update brings the useful ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID and a mask. Previously you needed an Apple Watch for this to work, but now you can do it without the smartwatch. The update also brings Siri’s new American voices, along with some 123 new emojis.

On top of that, the iOS 15.4 update gives iPhone users with a business the ability to accept Apple Pay, Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover just by using their iPhone. The feature is called “Tap to Pay on iPhone”, and it can turn your iPhone into a point-of-sale (POS) machine. Of course, this requires a special merchant app for the process to work.