Waukesha apartment fire; computer error delayed response, chiefs say

Waukesha apartment fire;  computer error delayed response, chiefs say

Waukesha Police say a computer error prevented firefighters from getting help at a burning building on Tuesday morning, March 8.

The city’s fire and police chiefs said they were reviewing the automated dispatch system. He never dispatched fire crews after the first 911 call.

“We have identified that the system is not working as ideally as we would like,” Fire Chief Steve Howard said.

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“The system is working, there is an error – which we have identified at the moment – beforehand, there is a specific code that we are looking at, to see if it has been programmed accordingly,” said the captain of Dan Baumann font.

Dispatchers overruled the system and fire crews arrived about 10 and a half minutes after the first call, five minutes longer than the city was aiming for, with the nearest train station only about a mile away.

“Any delay is not acceptable, and that’s why we will strive to work together as a team to investigate why this happened and prevent it from happening again in the future,” Howard said.

The automated system has been in place for about 15 years. Police said they had never had a problem like this. It is not known how long the examination will take to identify a cause.

Investigators don’t know what started the fire, but said they don’t believe it was a crime.

The bereaved family of the victim

Five minutes late may not seem like much, but one woman wonders what those five minutes might have meant to her parents.

At St. Mary’s Burn Unit in Milwaukee, Katrina McQuade waited for her family to arrive to say goodbye to her mother, Kim, one of four injured in the fire. Kim’s husband, Kevin, died on Tuesday. Now their children are trying to navigate a world without them.

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“(We’re) as good as we can be. We’ve gotten over the shock of everything, it’s just settling in now,” McQuade said via text message. She was not ready to be filmed.

McQuade’s parents were married for 21 years, devoted to each other. Kevin was a cancer survivor and loved the casino.

The Waukesha Fire Department said a woman in her 20s also went to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. Two injured men are expected to be well.

McQuade said her parents didn’t have life or rental insurance. A GoFundMe Online Fundraising was created to help her and her brother.

She wrote: “A BIG thank you. I know the Waukesha community is so wonderful when it comes to coming together to support these types of tragedies, and I can’t personally thank every single person myself, as much as I If I could, I’d also like to thank the team that got them out of the apartment and worked on my parents, even though it didn’t go the way we wanted. better and that’s all I could ask of anyone.